Freshman Big Island Crunch Bar Fundraiser Information

Angelique Kokal, Reporter

Each year, every class forms a fundraiser to raise money to go towards their class funds. These funds in the class account help pay for class responsibilities like prom and other required class expenses.

In the previous years, classes have had a diverse array of fundraisers. This year, the freshman class of 2019 has selected to fundraise by selling Big Island Crunch Bars. Bars are being sold individually, rather than being sold through tickets this year. Individual crunch bar prices are marked at $3.50 each.

The crunch bars are to be handed out to all students of the freshman class after-school on Friday, January 29. The sales log and money ($70.00)  are due to be handed in by Friday, February 12, 2016, to Ms.Neitfield or any class officer. Remember, students who fail to turn in a sales log and the required amount of sales money, will be penalized with an added obligation. If students do not pay off this obligation, they will not be permitted to graduate.