R.O.D. aka the Tree-killing Disease.

Jonard Asencion, Reporter

There is tree-killing disease is known as “Rapid Ohia Death.” In 2014 this a disease killed off many trees. Fungus is growing into the tree causing the tree to have a blackish color. Major effects include dry weather and an exotic strain of fungus. Trees have been dying off in Kona and spreading around coastal sides and native forests. It’s even worse in Puna. The disease is known to wipe out Ohi’a trees, which are pretty well known in our forests and they are dying. This is the first time that this tree-killing disease has actually spread so rapidly.

Reports say that already 34,000 acres of forests have already been infected by this horrid disease. The fungus spreads and the disease keeps getting bigger. If this continues most of the trees near the seaside and in the forests may be dead soon. The disease is deadly and there is no way to help the trees until further notice.

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