Personal Transition Plan: A Waste of Everyone’s Time

Andrew Trump, Assistant Editor

In 2009 a state mandate was made for Class of 2010 and beyond to help students plan their careers and college lives. The Personal Transition Plan(PTP) is a binder full of worksheets that every high school student receives in an attempt to get them on track for when they graduate. The PTP is a requirement for graduation and is worth half a credit. Approximately once every two months there is a designated PTP session where students are given an hour to work on completion of worksheets like personality assessments, credit check forms, college comparison charts, and many more. The idea of helping students become ready for the “real world” is a great idea, however PTP is not that best option.

If you were to walk into classrooms during a session you would see students fooling around and many teachers that don’t really care.  Although a lot of the worksheets, with an exception of the personality quizzes, are helpful in developing thoughts about careers and colleges, there is an issue. Students repeat the same things each year. They fill out the same mock job application from their Freshmen to Senior year along with every other worksheet. How is this a progression towards success? Well quite frankly, its not! Sophomore Jasmine Santana stated “Its pointless! We just fill things out just to get it done.”

Unfortunately it is not only students being affected, but faculty too . The PTP sessions are minimal and take out a small portion of time from teacher’s schedules, but the binders are time consuming to put together. A few teachers/faculty put hours into making a binder for each student.

Seniors are very frustrated with the process after three years of doing PTP. Many Seniors have a College Prep class that is already helping them to get ready for college and beyond. The class is only for Seniors and most put a positive light on the class with one exception. Daryl Diaz said, “Its frustrating that we do the same thing in College Prep Skills as in PTP.” Many of the worksheets in PTP are the same or very similar as College Prep class assignments. My proposal to solve the problem is to make College Prep a mandatory class, and ditch the Personal Transition Plan altogether.