Trump Wins? No Problem! Canada has room

Donna Botelho, Reporter

With the presidential elections almost in full swing, some people (like myself) are scared out of their minds if Donald Trump of the Republican party wins. The candidate has been on the internet as a meme and many younger people of the country strongly dislike this man. Apparently not just people in our country though!

Rob Calabrese and his wife recently created a website encouraging Americans to move to Canada’s Cape Breton Island if Trump wins in November. Calabrese works at a news station on the northern tip of the island. But their population has been slowly declining since 2011 because the island’s steel mill closed a while ago.

And Calabrese says, “There’s always a group, mostly Democrats who threaten to move to Canada if so-and-so is elected and this year you may hear that more than ever, so we wanted to get out in front of it and let those people know, hey, here’s your chance; we will welcome you with open arms.” And we all know how hated Trump really is and how he has alienated a vast number of individuals.

In Cape Breton, Calabrese says, “We don’t care about your religion, we don’t care about your gender, how you identify, your orientation, your race. We want people who will make a new life in a peaceful place”

Women are legally able to have a abortion and Muslim people can roam free and the only walls are of the houses. Health care is free, no one has a hand gun, and people look out for you.

There has been lots of replies. If you’re nervous of a Trump as President, here’s a option!

(Info from RollingStone)