Facebook’s “Like” button is about to get some company

Angelique Kokal, Reporter

Facebook has been testing out several new alternatives in addition to their 7 year old “like” button around the world, in places like Japan, Spain, and Ireland. This past Wednesday, Facebook  announced they would start making a “Haha”, “Angry”, and a few other responses, including a Heart for Love, available in the United States and the rest of the world.

Facebook says they created these new reactions to allow the users of their site to have greater control of their expressions. Facebook had gone through comments on friends’ posts, as well as emoji stickers people were most commonly using. Facebook then proceeded to test the most popular responses out, considering dozens of reactions. Facebook eventually decided on six reactions that were most universally understood around the world. Each of these reactions are said to come with an emoji that looks the same worldwide. To access the reactions, you simply hold the Like button.

The reaction feature has been expected to change and evolve as time progresses. Facebook may add or remove certain choices based on public feedback in order to improve and complete the feature overall.

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