Former First Lady Nancy Reagan died

Donna Botelho, Reporter

Former first lady Nancy Reagan died on March 6th. She was very well known for her “Just Say No” campaign against drugs. Also, obviously as a first lady. She died in her home at the age of 94 because of heart failure. It was a peaceful death.

Of course condolences go out to all of her family because of her death. Many other people have acknowledged her death on media outlets, like the White House tweet from twitter that stated “We remain grateful for Nancy Reagan’s life,” with a picture of Obama and Mrs. Reagan. Also another tweet from Donald Trump stated “Nancy Reagan, the wife of a truly great President, was an amazing women. She will be missed!”

Her funeral was held on Friday (March 11th, 2016) at 2 PM ET, at the Reagan library in California to be buried next to her husband, Ronald. May she rest in peace with her husband in whatever the afterlife has to offer.