Hawaii Hot and Cold!

Jonard Asencion, Reporter

We have been having some good and bad weather for the past week. It’s been raining night and day, cold mornings and cold days. The weather couldn’t possibly get worse, but it will get better starting today. Those cold winds are finally leaving for now until it comes back again. Winds have been light, although it may cause an upcoming cold front.

This cold front will be crossing the islands late Tuesday and Wednesday leaving nothing but more cold showers of rain. North winds are also returning for the second half of the week so its going to be cool and breezy on those real hot days. Passing showers and cloud cover this morning with mostly sunny skies on the leeward side in the afternoon hopefully. In Honolulu, it will be a heating 83 degrees and without the winds, it’s gonna be kinda sticky till after lunchtime so make sure to say cool.

Surf tide is moderate at the time with lighter winds pushing against the ocean waters. National Weather Services call 8-12 ft waves north, 5-8 ft waves west, 4-7 ft waves east, and 0-2 ft waves south. Also there is a new, moderate to large north swell may come late from Wednesday through Sunday. Everything’s doing fine so far on the forecasts. Check out the article for more info on the forecasts.

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