April Fools: A Tricky Origin

Jonard Asencion, Reporter

The April Fools origin is a very weird story that happened long ago back in 1000 AD. Many places back then enjoyed the pranks of others and it’s been recognized everywhere for the citizens great and funny pranks. April Fools started as a practical joke on a calendar.

During March, someone made a mistake when accidentally adding 32 days of March instead f 31. Usually after 31 days, it turns to the first of April. Due to the mistake, many people were fooled as to what month it actually was. Was it still March? Will April come the next day? Many good citizens have been fooled but they believed that it was still March.

After the situation was cleared up, they fixed the calendar but there was something we didn’t know. It was all an elaborate prank for a good laugh so everyone would think it was still March. Near the end of the day, the king gathered everyone in town square and happily cheered “Happy April Fools Day” to celebrate the day an entire kingdom was pranked and the pranks get better.

Since that day people worldwide have been celebrating this day because on this day, people get creative and pull such amazing pranks to many and we all can still have a good laugh. Hope everyone has a great April Fools Day tomorrow and just remember the saying “It’s prank or be pranked”.