A Flashlight with High Standard Military Features.

Jonard Asencion, Reporter

The military has just recently invented an amazing heavy duty flashlight able to produce enough light to get you through those dark areas when you’re alone.The X-700 was announced supposedly  to help you see on those dark nights to catch robbers and produce enough light for a bright trail when you’re lost in the night. This flashlight is lightweight and compact, made with Aircraft Grade Aluminum, with 5 incredible illuminating modes, telescoping lens, and 2000x Adjustable zoom.

It is said that this flashlight will be very useful if you are a family man and you want to protect those closest to you. It’s said to keep you safe in any situation so you can be prepared for anything. Back to one of those features, the 5 modes. SOS Mode and Strobe mode are 2 out of the 5 modes that will be very useful. This flashlight is very powerful and it will do its job.  No need for a gun when you can have this heavy duty flashlight that will make your life safer.