iPhone SE and IPad Pro 9.7 Inch, Worth it?

Donna Botelho, Reporter

Apple, king of innovation or nah? The self proclaimed innovation company seems to have just rushed out a new phone and a better version of the iPad Pro while the hype for the iPhone 7 has died down recently, much more people interested in Samsung’s new S7 and S7 Edge.

So let’s get down to the nitty and gritty of it, for the basics, there is no new shell for the SE. (Which apparently stands for special edition) It is exactly the same on the exterior as the 5 and 5s. Like they just took spare parts lying around in the factory and stuffed a bunch of 6s components into it. It does have the apple A9 chip and 2GB of Ram which is in the 6s and 6s+ so performance for 3D gaming and multi tasking is amazing, however it still has the same 4 inch screen, Which may be awkward to go back too if you’ve already upgraded to the 6 and 6s. The smaller screen however has less pixels to push so its slightly faster than the 6s and 6s+. Although the rear facing camera is 12 MegaPixels and is capable of some pretty crisp 4k video recording.

They did have to cut some corners for this phone. The selfie camera is only 1.2 megapixels and there is no 3D touch. Also it only has the 1st generation of touch ID, which is slower and not as accurate as the 2nd generation from the newer phones. And the base version for 399$ is only 16GB of internal storage. Which won’t be much when you set up the basics.

The new, smaller iPad however is basically the same as the first iPad pro but with new technology for a true tone display. Which is much like night shift, however it adjusts to the light conditions in your environment with two sensors on the front of the device. Like how light reflects off of paper. To help ease your eyes into it, however its best to turn off if your trying to do any type of color accurate work. The base model starts at 729$. However the iPad air 2 is basically the same, just lacking some features.

So there you have it. Worth it? No, not really. Unless your a really big Apple fan there isn’t really a reason to buy these devices. If your on a 6 or 6s buying the SE is basically a downgrade and the newer iPad is just smaller with a new display. Hope this helps if anyone was thinking of buying these devices!