New Smart Phone future or dump?

Donna Botelho, Reporter

Smart phones. We all have them. We all love them. We all have a slight addiction to them. But they haven’t changed much in the past, have they? Of course they all get slightly faster and more pleasing to the eye, better batteries and cameras, but that’s it, isn’t it? Since the iPhone, the first ever truly “smart phone” companies have been endlessly iterating the same internals since then. Slightly better, slightly faster and all that jazz. But is there a phone that will change the market for the better? Or for the worse ?

The LG G5. A lot of people have heard about the LG phone line up, not many actually have found and purchased them. Of course they have the best internals around, being the LG Flagship phone. It runs Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow a great wide range camera, expandable storage, 4 GB of RAM, fast charging and a removable 2800 battery. But there’s the fun part.

To remove the battery you must pull out a hinge at the side of the phone and the entire bottom of the phone pops out. So taking out the battery is easy. But you can install other “Friends” As LG calls them. This is the feature. “Modularity” The ability to switch things out and pop new ones in. The only friends LG has for the phone now is a dedicated Camera back and one to make audio quality better. But is this the future of smart phones? Endless customization? LG has taken a brave move with their new Flagship phone.

Other Tech channels on Youtube like MKBHD and friends may state its a little “Cheaty” because of how little the customization is now. But if your looking for a good smart phone with a new design then this is is the phone for you!