Texting at the Movies?!?

Jonard Asencion, Reporter

Yes, the AMC CEO actually wants to allow texting in movie theaters. It’s unbelievable. The CEO says that he is looking for a way to attract more people to the movie theaters and allowing texting during a movie could be genius or total fail. Studies show from observing people in the movie theaters, most of the audience are teens or young adults and if you tried asking a 22 year old politely to put their phone away, think again.

That’s not how they live and it ain’t their lifestyle.  The CEO and staff planned out how this would actually work. In their image they want to totally remodel the movie theaters so there is a section for people who want to text and a section where people just want to watch the movie. It may seem odd, but it is a very simple thing that could help a lot with people who just don’t want to put their phones away. Either way it can happen but the question is: Could WE handle it?

Source:Digital Trends