Students React to Finals Week Being Cancelled

Jashel Jose, Reporter

The faculty came up with an idea of having a finals week and announced it on April 25th. However, they have decided to cancel it a week after. The official announcement buzzed throughout the school and shocked the students who were already committed to finals week.

“I actually liked the idea of finals week. I can’t believe they cancelled it. I mean, think about it, we can just get the finals out of the way and chill on the last week of school” Angel Ramos stated. A few students agreed with her, however others didn’t.

One of the student who dislikes finals week said this; “Sure, the finals week takes all of the finals out of the way, but think about how stressful that will be though. One week of finals, and complicated schedules that the teachers can’t even decide on. Not only does it bring stress and pressures to us, but it also confuses the teachers.”

They both have reasonable claims. What do you think about the finals week being cancelled? Which side are you on? Leave a comment below.