Finals are approaching

Angelique Kokal, Reporter

As the school year finally comes to a close, finals are just around the corner. For us students, finals are most commonly associated with stress, cram-studying, procrastination, sleep deprivation, and unease. Finals mark the end of a long, rigorous school year and are the last obstacle standing between students and summer vacation.

Finals are very crucial, usually making up a large percentage of a student’s grade. The intention of finals is to evaluate students on each concept they’ve learned the past year, exposing whether or not students are proficient in each subject. Finals are meant to assure students’ understanding of the courses they took, to assure success in higher level courses for the upcoming school year.

Finals are a tough, stressful obstacle in every high school student’s life. Final grades can make or break a GPA and can frustrate some and make others proud. To ensure success, be sure to study and try your best during exams. Good luck!