SPED/ AVID Teacher Debbie Okubo Retiring After 20+ Years


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Mrs. Debbie Okubo retires after more than 20 years at Kohala High School. photo courtesy of 2016 Makahiki

Kaid Nickl, Reporter

Kohala High School teacher Debbie Okubo (Or Mrs. Okubo) is retiring after more than 20 years of service to our school.

Ask anyone, Mrs. Okubo is a loving, kind-hearted, hard working, professional teacher. She isn’t afraid to chastise either; several students know of her “Excuse me!” scolding. She’s the perfect combo of loving but firm, the right mix to teach Kohala kids.

As a student of Mrs. Okubo’s, I can personally say that she was a caring teacher who made sure every person in a class was paying attention while also having an enjoyable time. She introduced me to AVID and binder checks (Students, groan all you want). Although I do not take AVID anymore, it’s made my life and schoolwork much more simple and organized. I’m sure other individuals can say the same. Her kind nature made students not afraid to ask questions and be more relaxed, while simultaneously making us more compelled to do our homework to make her even happier.

Mrs. Okubo will be enjoying a bit of relaxing time with her husband, Myron Okubo, as well as her children and grandchildren.

Although she may be out of the school scene, Debbie is still a very active lady. She attends a Buddhist Hongwanji church, and helps immensely with jobs tasked at the church. She’s also an amazing cook, and runs the concession stand at the churches’ annual bon dance.

Mrs. Okubo, you will be missed, and we are forever grateful for your service as a teacher. It may be possible to find someone to replace your classroom position, but no one to replace you.