Boys falling behind in school?

Angelique Kokal, Reporter

In local and national schools, girls are beating boys in about every data point that’s measured. That’s been the case for years in fact, with the gap in achievement constantly growing.

Throughout the Hawaiian islands, public school girls have been shown to graduate from high school at higher rates than their male counterparts. The girls are also more likely to go to college, score higher on tests, and succeed in college.

It’s unclear why girls are doing better than boys in school. Part of the reason for that is, there’s currently no effort to track student achievement by gender. Gender has often been overlooked as a factor worth considering regarding student success. Until recently, when several mainland school districts launched programs to address the achievement gap among boys.

Hawaii has no such programs to address the achievement gap between girls and boys, but that’s not to say Hawaii Department of Education officials aren’t aware of the issue.

Recently, a presentation to the Board of Education by a group called P-20 pointed out that 62 percent of girls from the class of 2015 attended college, while 49 percent of their male schoolmates went to college.

Hawaii Department of Education deputy superintendent, Stephen Schatz says there are currently no plans to launch programs geared toward boosting academic success among boys. But he did say Hawaii public schools are tracking a variety of data points, and could very well consider gender in determining how to boost achievement.