What do You Want to Hear in the Mornings?

Keiko Yamura, Reporter


As you can all tell if you’ve been watching the morning bulletin since this school year began (which you better be doing!), we play music from when the 1st bell rings to the tardy bell.

However, as I have been the one mostly in control of the AUX cord, I want to be sure to include music that you guys want to hear.

All throughout the year I’ll personally be accepting song requests for our morning bulletin. You can also give any one of the students involved in our morning bulletin class your songs requests as well. Students included are: Bradlee Estabilio, Jaycie Lewis, Kuha’o Kawaauhau, Brenton Jardine, Steven Medeiros, Kalia Emeliano, and Destiny Souze, as well as our teacher, Mrs. Pasco.

Any genres are acceptable, just be sure they’re clean and appropriate.