Jaycie Lewis, Reporter

It’s week 4 of school and most students are in tune with the new standardized based grading system, but the real question is are you ready to see your results with this new system so far?  Mid quarter grades are going out to students on September 2nd, which is a perfect time for students to see if the new grading system is working out for them.  That being said, It would be a great idea to catch up on your work if you haven’t done so recently.  This is the first year, and first quarter, that Kohala High School will have successfully used the new college-like grading system. While most students are trying to adjust themselves from one  way of grading to another, some students are already saying that the new system is better, or turns out to be working out better for them, according to the online poll on the school’s newspaper (Kaleonaopio.com).  So are you all caught up with your subjects?  Are you liking the new grading system?  And finally, are you ready to see your mid-quarter grade?