The Apple Empire continues with iPhone 7

Destiny Souze, Reporter

With a release date set for September 16 the new iPhone 7 is promised to be the best iPhone yet. According to the Apple website, the aluminum, splash resistant phone is to be offered in two new colors (black and jet black), in addition to the colors already offered.

An advance new camera system is introduced where two cameras work as one to allow quad – led true tone flash photos, optical image stabilization, 7mp facetime camera and a 12mp outfacing camera. Videos will now be shot in 4K resolution with over eight million pixels. The flash is brighter and so is the screen, this is the brightest and most colorful display yet, but that’s not all, the iPhone 7 is two times faster and louder than the iPhone 6 and it has a flashing new home button that’s customizable.

However, what really sets this iPhone apart from the rest is its airpods; that’s right folks Apple has officially introduced bluetooth powered earbuds. But fear not for those who still want to use wire earbuds and other wired things, a jack adapter is available for purchase. This has caused quite the controversy among Apple users and the question must be asked, will you be getting an iPhone 7?