New York bombings over the last weekend

Destiny Souze, Reporter

There were two explosions that happened this past Saturday in Chelsea, New York.
The first explosion happened at 9:30 AM and fortunately no one was injured. The second explosion, however, happened around 8:30 PM and injured 29 people. More explosive devices were found but none had the chance to go off on their own. However, the FBI accidentally detonated one as they were disarming it with a robot; there were no injuries from this incident.

The person allegedly responsible for these explosions is Ahmad Khan Rahami. After the bombing, authorities sent out a unprecedented cellphone alert to residents in the area, warning them of the suspect wanted. Ahmad was found asleep in the doorway of a bar in New Jersey on Monday and police were called. After a gunfight with officers (where he was shot in the leg and shoulder), he was taken into custody and charged with seven counts, including five counts of attempted murder. He is said to have worked alone in committing these crimes.

The question has been asked, “Was this blast an act of terrorism?” Mayor Bill De Blasio stated to the times; “We have every reason to believe this was an act of terror”. Thankfully, no lives were lost during this time and the Chelsea area is recovering well.

Source: The new york times