Letter of Intent due Monday. GET IT DONE!

Jaycie Lewis, Reporter

During your senior year of high school, you will be required to do some sort of activity, or project, that will benefit the community.  For Kohala High School, this has been a requirement to walk on graduation day.

You will need a letter of intent to appeal your senior project so it can be sent to Mr. Sowby.  In your letter of intent, you will need to describe the general area of interest in you project,  explain why you chose the topic and what you already know or have to to build your knowledge base.  You will also need to include the specific research you anticipate using your project and some ideas you hope to include in your paper.  You’re going to have to connect how your research paper relates to the chosen project and at the same time avoid plagiarism.

The letter of intent is the skeleton of your whole senior project and it it smart to get that done as soon as possible.  No letter of intent equals sloppy/no senior project.  The letter of intent for your senior project is now due on September 26th, so get that done.