Did You Miss this Week’s Representative Visits?

Keiko Yamura, Reporter

Aloha Kohala High Students!

As many of you know, we not only had a Hawaii Pacific University representative come, but two Dorrance Scholarship representatives also visited our school this last week. They had lots of very valuable information to share and I hope that everyone who wanted to be there made it to these very educational presentations.

On Tuesday, Sept 20 during 7th period, the HPU representative came to talk about all the perks that come with going to school at their Honolulu campus. Some of the most important aspects that were brought up was the perks about transportation options from their downtown Honolulu campus to their Kaneohe Campus, meal plans, housing options, and the close relationships that can be built with the professors that teach there.

On Wednesday, Sept 21, the two Dorrance Scholarship representatives visited our school during 2nd period. They covered the eligibility criteria, program benefits, program value, and many other perks to receiving the Dorrance Scholarship. Coordinator Mat Estrada informed students of the total estimated value of this scholarship– $90,000. He also shared some of the deadlines for the certain phases of applying for this scholarship and he provided contact information for himself and his partner Kaiulani Kamau, as well as the number for the UH Financial Aid Office if students want or need help filling out their FAFSA (you don’t need to be applying to UH Hilo to access this service).

I’m hoping to see more students become involved in these representative visits in the future.