Pepe the Frog: National Hate Symbol

Jaycie Lewis, Reporter/ Part time savage

The internet is a wonderful place to go for anything from information about what college you want to go to, to getting a quick laugh, but it isn’t all fun and games.  Pepe the frog is a meme(popular internet element of popular culture) that has stormed social media everywhere since 2008.  If you’re in high school, chances are you have seen this or used this meme before.  The character itself is just a very sad looking cartoon frog with big lips, very reminiscent of a muppet.  If you are a person who uses this meme constantly…then stop.  Pepe the frog has been added to the list of international hate symbols by the Anti-Defamation League.  The Nazi swastika, KKK, and burning cross symbols….yep, they’re all on the same level as pepe the frog now.  So just remember the next time you draw, share, or take a picture of pepe the frog, It could be considered a crime.