Interview For Big Island Television

Kuha'o Kawaauhau , Reporter

Looking back,  Lyman Medeiros, an on-camera host and director for Big Island Television, interviewed me on Saturday, January 18 of 2014, at the Mormon LDS Church in Waimea. I had the opportunity to showcase my talent and musical gift as he was recording me playing beautiful music on the piano and the organ. I had the microphone clipped to my chest as I was ready for this television interview.

I had to prepare for the interview a week ahead before Saturday. I thought of questions that Lyman was going to ask me. One question he asked me was, “How did it feel when you played the Mormon Tabernacle organ?” To my surprise, I said, “When I played the Tabernacle organ, I had the privilege to turn the organ up to full blast, and the building of the Tabernacle really rumbled!”

Now, my story is featured on Big Island Television as all the visitors in hotels throughout the Big Island can watch my musical talent soar on television at the church.