Are You Prepared for College?

Jaycie Lewis, Reporter/ Part time savage

We are 2 weeks in the second quarter and for students in Kohala high school tests like SAT and ACT are being are becoming to seem more common in topics of conversation or news on our morning bulletin.  If you are planning to enroll in a college after you graduate high school, then this may all be top priority for you.  Your scores on the Scholastic Aptitude Test(SAT) and the American College Test(ACT)  are the biggest deciders when it comes to you having the key to any college’s doors of enrollment.  The next SAT testing session will be on November 5th, and although there is study guide on strategies for the test, it is recommended that you take the full practice test online.

I was fortunate to be able to go to the Hawaii college fair at the Marriott to see what colleges I wanted to go to, and what colleges wanted from me.  At the fair, there was over 80 booths scattered around the whole room, which is available for rent for other events, and booths with representatives from each college were touching elbow to elbow with vivid pictures of their campus along with mountains of brochures about everything you need to know to get in, including credit requirements, tuition cost, and student demographic.  The best part was hearing from the college representatives about what courses they offer to correspond to what job you want when you graduate college.  I was able to hear from almost 20 colleges, along with 2 Military academies, in my 1 hour at the college fair.

So, do you have your own college plan?  Are you ready for the SAT, and are you confident?