Quarter 2 Is Here!!

Jaycie Lewis, Reporter

Today is the first week of 2nd quarter for students in Kohala High School and tests like SAT and ACT are being are becoming more common in topics of conversation or news on our morning bulletin.  The 2nd quarter of school is the end of the first semester, and it is very vital that you get things like the SAT, ACT, along with your PTP done.

By now you should also have in mind what colleges you want to attend, if any.  The reason it is important to get any college-related agenda done is because colleges will choose as early as they can, making it not such a good decision to start applying in 4th quarter.  If you are struggling financially and are worried with how you will sign up for the SAT, see Mr. Bizuneh and talk to him regarding an SAT waiver or help with your PTP (Myfuturehawaii.org).