Spirit Week 10/31-11/4

Jaycie Lewis, Reporter

This weeks spirit week was successful with every class participating in a competition for class points.  Before this spirit week Freshmen were trailing at 97.5 points with Juniors in 3rd with 105 points, Sophomores in 2nd with 115 points, and Seniors taking the lead with 132.5.  Every time our school has a spirit week, it gives all classes a small, 5 day window to secure the most points possible, with the possible chance of either taking or keeping the lead.  Luckily, every class participated in all of the evening games, thanks to our STUCO president, Mark Macaspac, and every students around the school could be seen in the out-of-place attire required to get points for that dress up day.  In this whole week Freshman were able to gain 125 points, bringing them to 222.5 points, Sophomores gaining 80 points, giving them 195 points, Juniors getting 85 additional points, making their final 190 points, and Seniors gaining a whopping 150 points, keeping them in the lead with a total of 282.5 class points.  So will the seniors keep the lead in class points?  Be sure to participate in the next spirit week to help out your class.