Book Recommendations for November

Destiny Souze, Reporter

I have three absolute must read books to recommend for November. Before I get into them I’d like to state that these are all my opinions and they are only opinions.

The first book on this list is one of my all time favorite books, Looking for Alaska by John Green. Now it does get off to a slow start but the overall book does not disappoint. It gives an interesting look on what it’s like to live in a boarding school & the characters are completely relatable. I appreciate John Green so much for writing the strong female character that is Alaska Young. If you do read this book I hope you can find as much love for her as I did. Fair warning though, this book is a tear jerker. 😉

This next recommendation is a book that I honestly didn’t expect to enjoy half as much as I did, Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. In this dystopian wasteland-like future the world lives through a virtual reality known as “Oasis.” This virtual reality provides everyday things like schooling, entertainment and jobs, the main attraction, however, is the gameplay. When the creator of the Oasis dies he reveals that he has hidden an Easter egg in the game, and the only way to find it is to get the three keys; the race is on and no one can be trusted. I won’t go too in detail, but no matter what genre you’re into, there’s something in this book for everyone.

The last book to end this book recommendation is Dead Girls Don’t Lie by Jennifer Shaw Wolf. This book appeals to those who enjoy action-mysteries. The story surrounds a teenage Latina named Rachel. When her death is written off as gang violence, her best friend Jaycee starts to investigate what really happened. With the help of a secret friend of Rachel’s, Jaycee is able to discover the shocking truth. I absolutely love this book and recommend it to everyone ever. Seriously, read this book.