Are You Aware of Leukemia?

Jaycie Lewis, Reporter

Leukemia is a type of cancer that affects the blood and bone marrow by creating a surplus in white blood cells. Leukemia, although extremely rare, has affected over 170,000 people in 2016 alone.  No one is safe from leukemia, or any type of cancer for that matter, and this type of cancer is affecting multiple people in every state.

As for treatment, chemotherapy seems to be the only way to suppress the disease enough to put it in remission.  The reason for chemotherapy being the only treatment is because unlike other cancers, where you can pinpoint the malignant growth or tumor, leukemia cancer is does not show up in tumors, but instead runs through your whole blood stream, making the cancer extremely prone to metastasizing.

Cancer alone can affect anyone.  No one is safe from cancer.  Not your friends, not your family, not even you.  Despite this, there is many ways you can lessen the risk of getting cancer.  This is as simple as anything from eating less processed foods and eating more greens, to just plain exercising  more and applying more clothes to protect you from the sun’s UV rays.