The 2017 Inauguration Dress Rehearsal

Kuhao Kawaauhau, Reporter

Beginning on Sunday, the 15th of January, the full dress rehearsal of President Trumps Inauguration will be staged at the U.S. capitol in Washington, D.c. Spectators and all Inaugural attendees will attend the Inaugural ceremony which will lead to a peaceful transition of power. In preparation for Friday, January 20th, President Trump will practice his speech by saying, “My fellow citizens, God bless the United States of America.”

Stand-ins for the President will be organized and set 6 days before January 20th arrives.

Military bands will rehearse for the presentation of the colors, and “Hail To The Chief” as the special salute will be fired during the ceremony. Following the Inaugural ceremony, bands will be practicing for its 58th Presidential Inaugural Parade. The parade will commence with a procession starting from the East front steps of the U.S. capitol which will include military regiments, the U.S. Army band of Pershings own, the civil war re-enactors, and the army’s Old Guard Fife and drum corps performing the “Washington’s Grand March and “Yankee Doodle” as they pass in review.

The Presidential limousine will leave the U.S. capitol building and will travel to the white house as crowds of thousands of spectators will prepare to meet the incoming President.

As a reminder, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir of Utah will be performing at Trump’s Inauguration, dating back to 1989 when the choir sang for President George H W Bush’s Inauguration. The Inauguration will begin with an Inaugural Day prayer service at the Metropolitan AME church, followed by the Presidential motorcade arrival to the West front steps of the capitol as a very special, significant, and historical moment will soon unfold.