Obama’s last days in office

Destiny Souze, Reporter

President Obama’s second term is (sadly) coming to an end. Here’s what he’s been up to in his last days in office.

Obama has banned drilling in parts of the Atlantic and the Arctic. Using a version of the “Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act” he was able to put a permanent ban on offshore oil and gas drilling (thenewyorktimes.com)

The Obama administration is putting an end to a dormant national registry program. The registry has not been in use since 2011, the administration’s goal is to completely dismantle it before his term is over. (thenewyorktimes.com)

The Obama administration makes a plan to protect Planned Parenthood’s funding. The department of health and human services recently finalized a regulation that states federal funding grants for women’s health can’t discriminate against the family planning group. (npr.org)