Kohala High School’s gym legacy to get update


Colleen Pasco

Kohala High gym before the renovation of the lettering starts.

Jaycie Lewis, Reporter

Kohala High School’s gym has been an icon for the whole school and community since its construction in the 1930’s, and is one of the two original buildings that are still here.  The gym has been the sight for hundreds of school assemblies, events, talent shows, and most importantly, Graduations.

Despite the gym’s refurbished appearance, the gym is over 80 years old and may need a few new looks.   The Kohala High School gym, fortunately,  will be undergoing some reconstruction, specifically to its outside letters, thanks to local artist Patrick Ching. Reconstruction will begin on the 19th of January and students will be able to help out with the renovation from 3-5pm.  For more information on the renovation of the gym’s letters, visit kaleonaopio.com from the 19th to the 22nd of January.