Help Wanted with Renovation of Our Gym Letters!

Keiko Yamura

Artist Patrick Ching is looking for help in renovating our high school gym “Cowboys” lettering! This will become an after school project requiring a 21st Century application prior to attending. The dates requested for students to participate are as follows:

Thursday, January 19 from 3-5pm

Friday, January 20 from 3-5pm

Saturday, January 21 from 10am-1pm

Sunday, January 22 from 1-4pm

Monday, January 23 from 3-5pm if the time is still needed.

If you are willing to help, it is not required that you be there for every single on of those dates but your help will be greatly appreciated for the times you can show up! Be sure to have your permission forms signed in advance as well! See Mana Pasco or Ms. White for information and permission forms if you’re interested!