Ka Leo Nā 'Ōpio

3 more days of school left for the seniors

Amber Malasig, Reporter May 26, 2015

Three more days of school for us seniors, then we're off to the real world. Most of us are very anxious and scared to graduate. Ready to leave this school, but scared to go off in to the real world....

Stop focusing on what we wear and worry about what we learn

Amber Malasig, Reporter April 2, 2015

Many students wonder why do we have dress code or why do they make a big deal about dress code? Students, mainly girls, come to school to learn, not to get detention for dress code. Like it's not even...


Amber Malasig, Reporter December 11, 2014

Seniors are getting closer and closer to the big day. This year has been going a lot faster than all the other years. We can't believe that we are going to graduate soon. It's already almost the end of...


Amber Malasig, Reporter November 17, 2014

Cyberbullying in our school is getting way out of had. Some people will say, "oh, it's nothing," and all those things, but honestly cyberbullying can really hurt people. We tend to believe what they say...

Kohala Cowboys vs. Keaau (JV)

Amber Malasig, Reporter October 1, 2014

September 13, 2014 our boys got to play Keaau at Keaau. It was a hot day. The heat was getting to the boy and even the coaches and stats. When we got there our boys were on the field and were checking...

Why should we have PTP?

Amber Malasig, Reporter August 21, 2014

PTP is Personal Transition Plan. Why should we have PTP when we don't do anything. To be honest, having PTP is just a waste of students' time. You say that PTP is suppose to help us by preparing us for...

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