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Kohala Highs Class of 2012 Class Song

Kohala High’s Class of 2012 Class Song

Daryl Diaz, Reporter May 26, 2012

Kohala High's Class of 2012 graduated Saturday, May 19th. Here is a video of the class singing their class song "Today My Life Begins" by Bruno Mars. Congratulations, recent alumni of Kohala High School!

Kohala High School Got Zero Challenge

Daryl Diaz, Reporter May 15, 2012

For the first four weeks of school, KHS students were challenged to not get referrals. Those who did recive zero referrals, recieved participation in ice cream sundae activity. Then from April 13th through...

Reasons teenagers do or do not participate in underage drinking

Daryl Diaz, Reporter May 7, 2012

Teens across the nation are underage drinking. They know it is illegal and they know it isn't the healthiest thing to for them . Then there are teens who do not drink even when their peers are drinking...

Advice about Senior Project from 2012 Seniors

Daryl Diaz April 17, 2012

Seniors give advice on senior project to underclass men who will be seniors in the near future.

New “Bully” film raises awareness in schools and communities nationwide

April 13, 2012

Did you know that one in three American school children in grades sixth through tenth are affected by bullying? Those who are bullied repeatedly experience extreme fear such as fear of school, public bathrooms,...

Highlights from KHS Spring Break Europe Trip

Highlights from KHS Spring Break Europe Trip

Daryl, Diaz April 10, 2012

This past Spring Break four Kohala High students and a KHS teacher traveled abroad. Their itinerary included traveling to London for seven days and Paris for two days with Education First Tours. It was...

Spring Spirit Week Results

Spring Spirit Week Results

Daryl Diaz, Reporter April 4, 2012

Results are in for Spring Spirit Week places on dress-up days and noontime games. Seniors took 1st place with 121 points, Freshmen in 2nd place with 108 points, Sophomores in 3rd place with 87 points,...

Opening Night Of Murder Mystery Play The Hollow Stirs Excitement In Teen Cast

Opening Night Of Murder Mystery Play “The Hollow” Stirs Excitement In Teen Cast

Daryl Diaz February 23, 2012

As the clock is ticking, "The Hollow" cast and crew are getting prepared to present their anticipated play this weekend. The book by Agatha Christie, a popular murder mystery novelist, has been transformed...

Survey Finds out that US Nation’s Teens Are Smoking More Pot and Less Cigarette

Daryl Diaz, Reporter February 2, 2012

According to an article from "Education Week" Magazine  by writer Nirvi Shah, American teenagers are more likely to smoke marijuana than a cigarette. The National Institute on Drug Abuse shows that one...

Synthetic Marijuana, an over the counter drug, poisons and kills 

Daryl Jim Diaz, Reporter February 2, 2012

Teens don't know that synthetic marijuana is blamed for several deaths and poisoning. According to Dr. Phil's show on January 17, 2012, synthetic marijuana, also known as K2 or Spice, is an herbal and...

Survey shows KHS students prefer Mac computers over PC

Survey shows KHS students prefer Mac computers over PC

Daryl Diaz January 12, 2012

Twenty six random Kohala High students were surveyed and asked the question, "would you rather have a Mac or PC computer?" The end result showed most students would rather have a Mac. 54% of the students...

Kohala High students participate in “Kohala’s Got Talent”

Daryl Diaz December 19, 2011

Around twenty talented children and adults shared a variety of entertainment judged by three local celebrity guests. The One Holistic Place organization held its first major fundraising event on Dec. 9...

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