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Fundraiser at Kohala High School May 6

Fundraiser at Kohala High School May 6

Jaycie Lewis, Reporter

May 4, 2017

Just as one last reminder, the fundraiser for Michael, Kohala High School graduate who was recently diagnosed with leukemia, will be on May 6 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.  Flyers have gone all around Kohala and we have even gotten some of the local churches involved with spreading the word through thei...

Michael Fundraiser Update + Thank you

Jaycie Lewis, Reporter

April 3, 2017

We are more than 3 months into the planning and fundraising of my project prior to the big bazaar-like event that I mentioned in my article back in February and we have raised more money than we could’ve hoped for.  With the help of our most generous community, our fundraising has proven to be su...

Illegal narcotics vs. synthetic opiats and the dangers involved

Jaycie Lewis, Reporter

February 10, 2017

Synthetic opiate; what could that be?  Back in the 1960s, fentanyl was first made as a potent synthetic pain medication which is quick to take effect but did not very long lasting.  Fentanyl was used intravenously as an anesthetic and is also used for pain medication for patients with cancer and...

Funding for a Friend

Michael Bartolome was a staff member of Ka Leo Nā ʻOpio and instrumental in helping to step up the production of the Morning Bulletin.

Jaycie Lewis, Reporter

January 27, 2017

Michael Bartolome was a Kohala High School student, just like me, and also happened to be my long time friend for almost 5 years now.  He was extremely athletic and stayed committed to tennis, and while I played I would notice that he would be the only one who always had a smile on and off the cour...

Kohala High School’s gym legacy to get update

Kohala High gym before the renovation of the lettering starts.

Jaycie Lewis, Reporter

January 20, 2017

Kohala High School's gym has been an icon for the whole school and community since its construction in the 1930's, and is one of the two original buildings that are still here.  The gym has been the sight for hundreds of school assemblies, events, talent shows, and most importantly, Graduations. Despite...

Kohala Science Fair

Jaycie Lewis, Reporter

December 15, 2016

Projects created off of eccentric topics can be seen erected on tables upon tables in front of judges.  Anything from your cliche volcano model to a project testing the molecular growth of bacteria in different light settings.  Today is Kohala High School's science fair, which means students will do...

Are You Aware of Leukemia?

Jaycie Lewis, Reporter

December 8, 2016

Leukemia is a type of cancer that affects the blood and bone marrow by creating a surplus in white blood cells. Leukemia, although extremely rare, has affected over 170,000 people in 2016 alone.  No one is safe from leukemia, or any type of cancer for that matter, and this type of cancer is affecting...

Winter Ball at The Hub Dec. 17

Jaycie Lewis, Reporter

December 1, 2016

Get ready to go to the moon and back.  Every year our school has a Winter Ball dance and this year's Winter Ball will be held on December 17th at The Hub. Ticket sales started on November 28 for $45 and will remain that price through December 2nd.  During the following weeks, if tickets are not bought...

Spirit Week 10/31-11/4

Jaycie Lewis, Reporter

November 9, 2016

This weeks spirit week was successful with every class participating in a competition for class points.  Before this spirit week Freshmen were trailing at 97.5 points with Juniors in 3rd with 105 points, Sophomores in 2nd with 115 points, and Seniors taking the lead with 132.5.  Every time our school...

Happy Halloween!!

Jaycie Lewis, Reporter

November 1, 2016

BOO!  It's finally Halloween of 2016 and what could make it any more scary than it being on a Monday.  During this week, students of Kohala high school will be seen around campus participating by taking part in activities to compete for class points or even dressing up for spirit week.  The best thing...

Are You Prepared for College?

Jaycie Lewis, Reporter/ Part time savage

October 27, 2016

We are 2 weeks in the second quarter and for students in Kohala high school tests like SAT and ACT are being are becoming to seem more common in topics of conversation or news on our morning bulletin.  If you are planning to enroll in a college after you graduate high school, then this may all be top...

Quarter 2 Is Here!!

Jaycie Lewis, Reporter

October 20, 2016

Today is the first week of 2nd quarter for students in Kohala High School and tests like SAT and ACT are being are becoming more common in topics of conversation or news on our morning bulletin.  The 2nd quarter of school is the end of the first semester, and it is very vital that you get things like...

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