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New Art Cooperative in Kohala!

Jessica Andrews, Reporter

October 18, 2018

The Kohala Artists' Cooperative (a project sponsored by the Kohala Resource Center) has slowly made it's way into the community and made home in the Old Bozo's Gas Station (across from the Kapa'au Post Office). Eight community artists have stepped forward to secure the lease of the space and each...

Kohala High School Students Awe The Crowd At The Hawaii Okinawan Festival

Jessica Andrews, Reporter

October 18, 2018

Every Labor Day weekend, people look forward to the Hawaii Okinawan Festival held annually in Waikiki on Oahu.  It has the intention to perpetuate the Okinawan culture by way of Okinawan food, live entertainment, and hands-on activities and classes.  The building was a beehive of activities and culture. ...

Hurricane Lane Leads To A Continuance Of Landslides in Waianae Gulch

October 18, 2018

North Kohala recently dodged a bullet of a Hurricane named Lane when it brought record amounts of rain for the whole island chain and high winds completely throwing off normal weather patterns and damage to property. These conditions triggered a landslide completely blocking the whole road  while...

Where Did The Easter Bunny Come From?

Nalani Andrews, Reporter

April 3, 2018

Have you ever wondered what a bunny who hides eggs has anything to do with Easter Sunday? It is said that the Easter bunny first arrived in America with the first German immigrants. When they came, so did their egg-laying hare tradition.  This bunny, in German, was called “Osterhase...

How To Find Your Life’s Passion (Hobby)

Nalani Andrews, Reporter

March 15, 2018

1.) Put yourself out there. Make an effort to meet new people.  An easy way to do that is to get involved in your community.  Sign up for a club or group of some kind (volunteer!).   Social media is a good way to meet new people online. 2.) Find like - minded people. Like - minded people are all around yo...

15 Things to Do When You’re Bored

February 22, 2018

1.Sleep 2. Text your friend something random backwards, and see how long it takes them to figure it out. 3. Draw a horrible drawing of someone, then gift it to them. 4. Repeatedly call a family member on their phone and hang up when they answer. 5. Have an eating contest with someone. 6....

21st Century Track 2018

Nalani Andrews, Reporter

February 20, 2018

Remember how it was decided that there would be no Track and Field in this 2017 - 18 school year?  I have new information... There will be, but 21st Century will be hosting it, therefore we will not be competing.  But if you want to have growth for next year, you should definitely sign up so that...

Possible Track 2019?

Nalani Andrews, Reporter

February 13, 2018

The 2018 track season will not take place this year, since the "interest survey indicated that there would not enough students for a team," according to Ms. Koustik. However, the the survey was conducted by Ms. Koustik in May of the 2016 - 17 school year.   Less than 10 people signed up, which is the...

Golden State Warriors: Best of All Time?

Jessica Andrews, Reporter

January 12, 2018

Halfway through the season, the Boston Celtics and the Golden State Warriors are at a battle for the best team in the NBA.  Though it is likely that the Warriors will be the best in the nation once again, some Celtics fans think it is still possible for the them to win.   An interview wit...

New BISAC Counselor at Kohala High School

November 7, 2017

Please welcome our new BISAC counselor, Ms. Moani Silva to campus. Ms. Silva will be working in Building D BISAC office and will be on campus 2-3 days each week.  She is available to any student needing BISAC services. Big Island Substance Abuse Council (BISAC) provides services for prevention, intervention,...

After-School Tutoring Still Open To New Students!

Nalani Andrews, Reporter

October 26, 2017

Do you have trouble keeping up your grades or have a ton of rowdy siblings to prevent you from doing your homework?  Do you love free stuff?  Then tutoring might be for you!  With three nice, helpful, and smart tutors, you are guaranteed to get ALL of your homework done. Mondays: 3:00-4:00 Tuesdays,...

Nalani Andrews

October 20, 2017

The 2017 Winter Ball is right around the corner and the final votes have been counted.  Congratulations to those students elected for this year’s Winter Ball Court. FRESHMEN: Clyson Igarquez - Marquez                               Karylle Cheyne Oandasan &nb...

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