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Harvard’s Satanic Black Mass Canceled Amidst Community Outrage.

Harvard's Satanic Black Mass Canceled Amidst Community Outrage.

Josiah Adams, reporter

May 12, 2014

In recent days, Harvard has come under fire after a student club organized a Satanic Black Mass that was to be conducted at the Ivy league school.  A “Satanic Black Mass” or simply “Black Mass”, is a satanic ritual which is meant to mock the Catholic Church.  Harvard announced that the black ...

Same Sex Marriage in the South?

Josiah Adams, reporter

May 12, 2014

Little Rock, Arkansas.  Many remember this city as where the “Little Rock Nine” took a stand against “separate but equal schools” in the South.  Now, same sex marriage supporters will be pleased to know that the court system suspended an  amendment which banned same sex marriage.  Meaning Ar...

Students Prepare for Court.

Josiah Adams, Reporter

April 25, 2014

In preparation for an upcoming field-trip to a Supreme Court session at Kealakehe, Kohala High School students have met with an attorney.  In these meetings, students went over basic courtroom etiquette, agenda, and case history.  The Supreme Court of Hawaii doesn’t travel to the Big Island very oft...

Track: State Finals Conflict With Testing

Josiah Adams, Reporter

April 25, 2014

Track season is coming to an end,  and the runners  of the KHS track team have been showing potential for states.  However, due to AP testing, Junior runners Genevieve Boyle and Josiah Adams will most likely be unable to compete at states should they qualify.  Freshmen runner Gabriella Boyle may...

Students Being Over Tested?

Josiah Adams, Reporter

April 15, 2014

ACT, SAT, AP, STAR, ASVAB, HSA, Compass, the list goes on and on.  Tests have become a very important part of today’s society.  It isn’t an uncommon for employers to ask applicants for their high school test scores.  Meaning, the advancement in the career of a grown man who has been in the workf...

Have Historians Found the Holy Grail?

Josiah Adams, Reporter

April 4, 2014

It it the cup which is believed that Christ drank from at the last supper.  From the Knights of the Round Table to modern conspiracy theorist;  the  legend of the Holy Grail has prompted the faithful to search for it.  Now, 2000 years after the grail was used, historians have released an explosive...

Wanted Terrorist In Hawaii

Josiah Adams, Reporter

March 13, 2014

America’s most wanted domestic terrorist subject may be hiding out in Hawaii. Animal rights extremist Daniel Andreas San Diego has been charged with detonating two pipe bombs in front of San Francisco companies which have ties to experiments on animals. While under a 24 hour surveillance by the FBI,...

Peer Mediation Program in Developement

Josiah Adams, reporter

March 9, 2014

In recent weeks, students have gathered in Ms. Brown's room to receive peer mediation training.   The peer mediation program is aimed at having students mediate meetings between two or more students who are in conflict.  The goal of the program is not to have students serving as peer mediators to solve...

Senior Project: Crunch Time for Seniors

Josiah Adams, reporter

March 2, 2014

As March 4th approaches, Seniors around Kohala High School are working quickly in order to complete their Senior Projects in time for their presentation.  Members of the Ka Leo Na 'Opio staff have been invited to assist in numerous senior projects; ranging from raising a flag pole, learning to properly l...

Chaos in Kiev

February 24, 2014

Death and destruction has swept the streets of Kiev, Ukraine; as anti-government protesters clash with riot police.  This week has been the most violent of the protest since it began in November.  Although the Ukrainian government has called for a truce, temporary peace has yet to come.  Protesters...

Track Team Confirmed

Josiah Adams, Reporter

February 13, 2014

On your mark, get set, go!   It has recently been confirmed that there will be a track program at Kohala High.  There are four boys and three girls who have committed to the track team.  The school has been fortunate enough to have Ms.Katie Lambeth coach the boys and girls track teams.  In a recen...

Celebrities to Have Boxing Match for Charity?

Josiah Adams, Reporter

February 11, 2014

Two years ago in a quiet Florida neighborhood, something took place what would become one of the most controversial events of 2012.  Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by George Zimmerman.  A jury decided that George Zimmerman was not guilty, and today he is a free man.  In this freedom, Zimmerman ...

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