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Banning cigarettes

Malie February 11, 2019

In 2016, Hawaii became the first state to ban cigarettes to anyone under 21.The state Legislature now wants cigarette sales to be effectively banned by 2024.The ban will start progressively by changing...

What is school for?

Kamaile , Reporter January 25, 2019

School isn't a complete environment for learning but rather a game we play for grades, and how many A's we can get. Teachers constantly say "Use your time wisely", but that never made sense to me, because...

Muslim Americans raised over $120,000 for affected Pittsburgh synagogue shooting victims

Maile Kamaile-Isabel, Reporter November 14, 2018

Muslim Americans raised over $120,000 for those affected by the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting. October 27, 2018 mass shooting affected so many friends and families in Pittsburgh with at least 11 killed....

Home to endangered species submerged after hurricane!

Malie Kamaile-Isabel, Reporter October 26, 2018

About 550 miles Northwest from the island of Oahu the home to endangered species has been wiped out by hurricane Walaka.  The remote island was a refuge to two of the most endangered animals in the world...

Viral outbreak at N.J. Facility

October 25, 2018

6 children dead due to a viral outbreaks which cause Wanaque Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation in Haskell to an immediate order to shut down the facility to new patients.  Wanaque center is a 227-bed,...

More opportunities

malie October 18, 2018

Most students from all over the world always question “why do we have to learn the things we won’t need in the future?” For example some people want to be an engineer, why would that engineer need...

Gun violence

September 24, 2018

We should all know by now that gun violence in America is more prominent then ever. According to nonprofit Gun Violence Archive,  there have been 154 mass shootings in the US so far this year. We are...

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