Ka Leo Nā 'Ōpio

AP Exams

May 4, 2015

We are at the time of the year where students cram and study for finals.  AP courses specifically, have their final exams earlier than most with the AP Lit and Comp Exam is on Wed, May 6th, and the AP US History Exam on Friday, May 8th.  The grade that students get on these exams will determine weather...

From Freshmen to Senior to Freshmen

Timothy Pontius, Editor

April 9, 2015

A video of myself (Timothy Pontius)as a freshman, being adopted by Andrew Trump (then a senior). Then the second half is myself as a senior adopting freshman Brogan Colovos and giving him some advice. ...

No Sophomore Hop

February 19, 2015

This year, for the first time in KHS history, there will be no sophomore hop.  The teacher in charge of Student activities said that there was not enough funds for the dance but some students disagreed.  "I would have been fun to have one." - Deysha Yamasaki. What do you think?

Kohala Radio

December 9, 2014

Testing testing 1 2 3 this is KHKR 96.1 broadcasting live from North Kohala.  Thats right, our little town of north kohala now has its own radio station broadcasting from Hawi. Having our own station is important beyond just being able to hear music we like.  Radio is one of the best ways to give...

Kohala Cross Country @ Kamehameha

Kohala Cross Country @ Kamehameha

Timothy Pontius, Editor

September 30, 2014

Kohala Cross Country boys and girls prepare for their meet at Kamehameha High School.

Kohala Cross Country @ HPA

Kohala Cross Country @ HPA

Timothy Pontius, Reporter

September 29, 2014

In a field of 180 runners, Josiah Adams placed 4th in the Cross Country meet at HPA on Saturday, September 27. He was followed by Chance Souze in 22nd, Jayven Amonance in 33rd, Timothy Pontius in 106th, and Kaid Nickl in 116th. As a team, Kohala scored 8th out of the 12 schools that participated. Yuki...

Never Enough

September 18, 2014

Eminem, a music legend in the Hip Hop community, has released a new song and set a date on his next album, Shady XV.  This is a shock to many of his fans, my self included, because of the way he ended his last album.  He made it seem that he was entering retirement, with  the quote "Last album now,...

Apples New Phone

September 11, 2014

Apple released a new iPhone with a larger screen. This is a big and some what reluctant change to they style and the intents. Steve Jobs envisioned a small iPhone design with a 4 in screen that could easily accessed with one hand. He saw the size of the human hand as the biggest constraint when designing...

Is the Board of Education getting too powerful?

Timothy Pontius, Reporter

August 21, 2014

Should the Board of Education be able to apply there one size fits all test method to everyone in high school? I don't think so. The Board of Education has a monopoly on all the major pre-college tests.  At the end of high school one of the major evaluations that determines, in part, what the rest...

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