Ka Leo Nā 'Ōpio

Book Of The Month – March 2015

Zoe Lawrence, Reporter

March 9, 2015

My pick for the book of the month was chosen because of its creative and individualistic use of imagery throughout the text, as well as it’s enrapturing plot and relatable characters. Written by J.D Salinger in 1951, Catcher In The Rye carries heavily it's themes of teenage angst, alienation from p...

Competing For The Top

Kiera Javillonar, Reporter

January 29, 2015

During our Homecoming week we held our girls powder puff flag and boys powder puff dance. The Sophomore and Junior girls played in the first game which resulted in a victory of the Juniors. The Freshmen girls went against the senior girls and resulted in the Freshmen winning. Then the Senior girls and...

2015 Astrology Forecast

Zoe Lawrence, Reporter

January 29, 2015

ARIES: (21 March - 19 April) Sign of the Ram. Adventurous, innovative, daredevil, confident, smug, impulsive, arrogant. Ruled by Mars. Advice for 2015: Do not act immediately upon finding yourself in a precarious or complex situation. Keep digging and investigating, and the outcome will be worth your tim...

Christmas Traditions

Maya Anderson, Reporter

November 17, 2014

Many families put up a tree in a house and Santa Clause comes down the chimney and puts presents under the tree. Some kids don't get to experience the excitement of going to sleep and in the morning, seeing tons of presents underneath the tree just waiting to be opened. Every year for Christmas, I...

44th Annual Kona Coffee Cultural Festival

Nicole Castillo, Reporter

November 17, 2014

The 44th Annual Kona Coffee Cultural Festival was held November 7-16. I went on November 15th and got to perform at the Keauhou shopping center.  At the shopping center they had different booths that sold things from jewelry to quilts to some delicious Kona coffee. This was all part of the Kamehameha...

Halloween is Coming Soon!

Maya Anderson, Reporter

September 29, 2014

Halloween is a time of the year when people of all ages dress up and go trick-or-treating. October 31st is dedicated to remembering the dead. Trick refers to the word "threat" saying that if you don't give me a treat, you will be tricked. People in Kohala usually go to Ainakea to go trick-or-treating...

Never Enough

September 18, 2014

Eminem, a music legend in the Hip Hop community, has released a new song and set a date on his next album, Shady XV.  This is a shock to many of his fans, my self included, because of the way he ended his last album.  He made it seem that he was entering retirement, with  the quote "Last album now,...

Kohala Students Participate in Okinawan Festival

Nicole Castillo, reporter

September 2, 2014

Every year Ryukyukoku Matsuri Daiko (RMD) participats in the annual Okinawan Festival. This festival consists of things from Okinawan food to Okinawan Entertainment. This year four Kohala High School students are going to participate in this year's Okinawan Festival - Syncier Rabang, Maylin Anjo, Kaid...

New Super Smash Brothers!

Jayden Lewis, Journalist

May 13, 2014

Since the Nintendo 64, Fighting game fans has always loved the battle royale series, Super Smash Brothers. It was recently confirmed, however, that Nintendo will be coming out with a new Smash Bros Game! The game was first announced in 2011, during E3, where Nintendo said they wished to create another...

Star Wars Rebels!

Jayden Lewis, Journalist

May 12, 2014

People are still waiting for the new Disney Star Wars movie, premiering 2015. Until that wait, Disney has started a new animated series! On May 4th, 2014, national Star Wars day, Disney Channel announced that they will be broadcasting a new Star Wars Animated series called Star Wars Rebels. The series...

Kohala High School May Day 2014!

Kohala High School May Day 2014!

Mohala Kaholoaa-Kumukoa, Reporter

May 10, 2014

May Day is lei day for Kohala High School; this happen on May 1, 2014. We had a performance in the afternoon @ 1:00 and in the evening @ 6:30. The performance in the afternoon was during 7th period because Ms. White said we should show the staff, teachers, and students all of our hard work because some...

Superstitions, Do You Believe Them?

Isabel Steinhoff, Reporter

May 8, 2014

What are superstitions and do you believe them? Hawai'i has been known to have a few of their own and adopted some from other places too. A superstition is a belief or notion, not based on reason or knowledge, in or of the ominous significance of a particular thing, circumstance, occurance, proceeding,...

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