Ka Leo Nā 'Ōpio


The Next Chapter

Jaylah Kekoa, Contributer December 3, 2019

What will be the next chapter of your life?  I interviewed two seniors who are on their way to adulthood. As I interviewed them, it seemed like they have almost everything planned out. So let’s...

Spanish Class Can Help Upcoming Students

Raimana Akau, Contributor November 5, 2019

  ‘Aloha mai kakou, ‘O Raimana Akau ko’u inoa. I went to interview Mrs. Kosorek about her Spanish class, and what activity she does with her students. I interviewed her and it went well, but one...

What is being a Freshman like?

Mark Salvador, Contributor November 5, 2019

New grade, new school, how’s 9th grade going for you?  Being a freshman could be tough. Today I interviewed a fellow freshman named Rheann Matundan.  Rheann Matundan is 14 years old and currently lives...

Cheer-leading is more than a sport

Ashla Salas, Contributor November 5, 2019

        There’s more to cheerleading than doing flips and using pom poms. Jessa- May Campollo, a senior at Kohala High School,  shares her thoughts and feelings about cheer.          Jessa,...

Aunty Cicely’s Speaks Her Mind

Camille Pinho, Contributor November 5, 2019

Aunty Cicely was offered a position as a project based coordinator back in June of this summer. After thinking it over, this would be a great opportunity to give back to the very school she graduated from...


Mj’s Pro Fortnite Streamer

Tasi Sauta , Contributor September 26, 2019

 There are about 40 million streamers around the world that play the game Fortnite, but now they're taking a step up to making the best Fortnite streamers to be invited to the Arthur Ashe Stadium to play...

Principal Who?

Principal Who?

Lola Hart , Contributor September 24, 2019

A new principal at Kohala High school? Who is this person on campus? Let's get to know her! The Principal's name is Amy Jo McNaughton Stafford. "My family was actually going to name me after my dad, his...

Photo: Aidan Blanco

New to the School, Not the Field

Aidan Blanco, Contributor September 24, 2019

Tasi Sauta is a football player for the Kohala Cowboys and he is exactly what his name means: the number one man. The 14-year-old freshman tears offenses up with his aggressive mentality and football IQ....

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